About Us

Broomhill Removals aims to give the best possible price and service, regardless of location, situation, physical or mental ability, age, gender, race, religon or sexual orientation.

Michael Desmond, the owner of Broomhill Removals, studied housing policy at Sheffield Hallam University and worked as a volunteer at Shelterline, the homelessness charity. He understands and empathises with all the different reasons people use the service. Whether you’re moving for reasons of buying a new home, being evicted, marital break up or bereavement, whatever your situation, you will find him to be both courteous and understanding.

Michael is a personable individual; hard working, well spoken, and well mannered. He is conversant in German and speaks a little Greek. He is also well-travelled. He recently visited the Grand Palais in Paris to see the Monet exhibition. He also loves the work of Antoni Gaudí and visits Barcelona every year.